EHS Policy

Our organization is dedicated to guarantee that the environmental, health and safety aspects are taken up to the utmost importance. Company Management give a lot importance to health safety and environmental protection while recruiting any technical or non-technical personnel.

Our environment policy includes the conservation of energy, safe preservations and disposal of hazardous and toxic waste, discretion of noise and unwanted hearing discomfort as much as possible.

Each and every BRT operative is compelled to attend and follow an in house safety firefighting and environmental protection drills including first aid in case of emergency. Our firm is made up of well-trained engineering and supervising personnel, keeping a keen and safe eye while undertaking a risky task or operating on a hazardous location. All the tools and equipment are properly calibrated for time to time and well maintained.

Our management is dedicate to create and maintain a safe and productive workplace environment and processes for all of its employees. Vocational training classes had been conducted with the latest knowledge of the present field situations and scenaris.